The Martelotto Lab

The Single Cell and Spatial-Omics Experts

Collaborate with us

The Martelotto lab functions as a specialised academic incubator for the conception and assessment of new tools and methods for all things Single Cell and Spatial-Omics. Located within the Adelaide Centre for Epigenetics (ACE) and the South Australian immunoGENomics Cancer Institute (SAiGENCI) we are well equipped to support any project from conception through to analysis, interpretation and delivery. We are always on the lookout to try new ideas that promise to change the Single Cell and Spatial-Omics landscape! Please reach out if you are interested in collaborating with us: LU@MARTELOTTOLAB.ORG


10X Genomics


Our lab boasts it's own Xenium for best in class probe-based spatial transcriptomics. Probe panels are available for most tissue types, and we helped researchers design and run custom probes for other tissues and even novel species. About Xenium

Visium (SD and HD)

Visium SD is a proven platform for spatial transcriptomics supporting both RNA and protein assays. Our new Visium HD takes this to sub-cellular resolutions, eliminating the need for separate single cell experiments. About Visium



Our in-house CosMX spatial imager supports both RNA and Protein probe-based assay, and yes you can run both on the same slide! About CosMx


Our GeoMx offers a flexible solution for non-destructively profiling the transcriptomes of your FFPE or frozen samples. About GeoMx



Stereo-seq is another solid contender in the spatial transcriptomics race. This 3' capture-based platform can profile the whole transcriptomes of your frozen samples at sub-cellular resolution. About Stereo-seq

Single Cell

10X Genomics Chromium X

The workhorse for our single cell and single nuclei 'omics applications, the Chromium X enables us to run RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, CITE-seq, immune profiling, Flex gene expression, and multiomics of the above. About Chromium X

Local partnerships

We have partnered with Australian Genomics Research Facility (AGRF) to support most of our sequencing requirements and methods development, and our proximity to the South Australian Genomics Centre (SAGC) offers more options for your sequencing options.

Novel methods

The Martolotto lab specialises in novel methods to push the limits of what is possible in the Single Cell space. Our recently published snPATHO protocol unlocks single nuclei gene expression for FFPE samples. Our recent FixNCut protocol eliminates biases introduced when handling fresh tissue samples. 


Data Processing

Single Cell and Spatial-Omics platforms generate lots of data. Our team provides expert support for storing, sharing, handling, preprocessing, and securing your data. We utilise a complementary mixture of cloud-based solutions and High Performance Computing provisioned through University of Adelaide for lightning quick processing and turnaround.

Expert analysis and interpretation

Analysis and interpretation is the biggest hurdle for many Single Cell and Spatial-Omics projects. Luckily our team has the expertise to support project through every stage including analysing, interpreting, and presenting data generated in our lab. Our lab maintains the best-in-class workflows and vignettes for performing any analysis and produce publication quality figures.

Tools and pipeline development

Single Cell and Spatial-Omics is a fast-moving field and bioinformatics software has to keep up! We are collaborating with the best bioinformatics minds from interstate and international labs to develop the best tools and workflows possible to support new developments and analyses as they arise.