The Innovation Team

A/Prof. Luciano Martelotto

Lab Head

A/Prof. Martelotto boasts a robust interdisciplinary scientific foundation, with expertise in molecular biology and biochemistry, augmented by a significant grounding in technology and engineering. His foundational training as a cell and molecular biologist is complemented by a degree in Biotechnology, a PhD in Biological Sciences, and post-doctoral training in cancer genomics and single cell sequencing technologies. His multifaceted expertise has been cultivated across diverse domains, including plant genetics, microbiology, cancer biology, and genomics. This diversity has fueled both his ambition and ability to learn, innovate, and leverage technologies across varied disciplines. A consistent theme throughout his career has been the amalgamation of insights from diverse scientific fields. He is deeply committed to harnessing this integrated approach to address real-world challenges and enhance lives through technological progress.

Kellie Wise

Lab Manager / Staff Scientist 

Kellie is a central figure in Luciano Martelotto's Single-Cell and Spatial-Omics laboratory. She plays a vital role in the lab's daily operations, overseeing collaborations, managing finances, and implementing state-of-the-art techniques and cutting-edge technologies. As Luciano's right hand, Kellie enhances both the scientific research process and the team's overall efficiency. Her unyielding drive to learn and adapt propels innovation in single-cell and spatial-omics research through technological advancements.

Dr. Michael Roach

Senior Bioinformatician

Mike is the senior bioinformatician in the Martelotto lab. He completed his BBiotech (Hons) and PhD at Flinders University specialising in bioinformatics and biochemistry in a drug discovery project. He completed a post-doc at the Australian Wine Research Institute where he delivered genomics projects and developed popular bioinformatics tools for genome assembly, cleanup, and analyses. Mike completed a second post-doc at the newly formed Flinders Accelerator for Microbiome Exploration in metagenomics where he developed the Hecatomb pipeline for viral metagenomics and the Snaketool framework for rapid development of bioinformatics pipelines and tools. 

In the Martelotto lab, Mike is leveraging his experiences in software development, 3D structural modelling, and analysis of massive NGS datasets to create novel bioinformatics approaches that will push the limits of emerging single cell and spatial omics technologies.